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Best diet for dental health
By Dr. Joel Sendroff

The first thing we think of when we consider a diet that is good for the teeth is one that is low in refined sugars. The sugars in candy, dessert and sweetened drinks are known to cause decay and also feed the plaques on teeth which attack the gums as well. So traditionally, we in dentistry have talked about limiting sugar intake and brushing/flossing after ingesting a sweet treat. But that is taking a very narrow view and negative approach to diet for healthy teeth.

The truth be told, the diet that is good for general health is one that is good for oral health as well.

When I was a young child, my parents and I would vacation in Atlantic City for a month each summer. Another family with 3 children that I played with was there at the same time. The family was vegetarian. My mother made fun of the eating lifestyle of this family and implied that they were actually maltreating their children. Although I am not now a vegetarian, it took me a very long time to deprogram the nutritional learning from my childhood that I had to unlearn.

Eating lifestyle is definitely not easy to change!!! What we eat is connected to how we feel, how we socialize, how we change our mood, how we see ourselves, and so much more. No wonder doctors have such a hard time asking us to change our eating habits even when we are facing life threatening medical challenges that can be ameliorated by modifying the diet.

Eating for health is simple?ut not easy. We have a lot holding us back from making changes that are being touted by all sorts of health organizations and governmental agencies.

We now know that eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily is important for the prevention of many of the chronic diseases we are presently experiencing. We know that limiting or eliminating consumption of red meat is beneficial in reducing the incidence of colon cancer, breast and prostate issues. We know that eliminating saturated fats and trans fats is important in eliminating disease. I have been told by nutrition lecturers that refined sugars in desserts can inhibit the immune system for up to 4 hours. Eating whole grains with the fiber they contain is great for helping the body eliminate fats and move food through the GI tract more efficiently. Eating beans and legumes are a wonderful source of fiber and nutrients. Eating fish, especially ones that contain the good omega-3 fatty acids, is beneficial to our health.

Hippocrates said let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine. I think we are coming to rediscover the wisdom that was presented so long ago.

There is a lot of good dietary information out there that we can take advantage of. We have to manage the way we feel about our food. This is simple and worth trying. It might be helpful to make gradual changes so we don? overload and resist.

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