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Dentist Washington, DC - Joel Sendroff, DDS PC
Voted as a "Best Dentist" by the Washingtonian Magazine
5415 Connecticut Ave NW #A, Washington DC, 20015
(202) 244-4149


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Dr. Sendroff and his staff have received a number of rave reviews on sites that list Washington DC dentists.  You can read all of the patient reviews and also submit a review of your own experiences with Dr. Sendroff and his staff by visiting the Dr. Oogle website. 

We value and appreciate your feedback.  Below is a sample of patient reviews.

"My family has been seeing Dr. Sendroff for about 20 years. I would characterize his approach as very conservative. He looks out for his patient's best interests in their dental health while not promoting the most radical, expensive treatment. Dr. Sendroff is truly the dentist for cowards -- he goes above and beyond to minimize pain and discomfort. He has even called us later in the day after a procedure to check on pain levels. His hygenist, Lori, is excellent, thorough and a breath of fresh air. His wife Paula and assistant Brenda are always cheerful and flexible when you need a fast appointment or to make a last-minute change in an appointment. Although they are not a participating provider with any insurance carrier, they are willing to process dental insurance claims. I think their charges are often within the reasonable and customary range. Visiting their practice is like going to an old-fashioned family physician. They are very committed to the patient relationship and to giving excellent service. I would highly recommend them."
"Our family have been patients of Dr. Sendroff for over 30 years and we believe he is, literally, unique in the service and care he provides. Dr. Sendroff offers personalized dental care at reasonable rates in a caring, supportive atmosphere. We have never been kept waiting more than 5 mins, never received a "sales job" for expensive procedures, never felt like just another patient being hurried through a busy professional service. Dr. Sendroff (and his staff ) genuinely care about their patients. He will call after a procedure to check up that you're doing okay and not in undue pain, suggest a specialist if he feels they could do it better, discuss options in dental care giving sound, practical advice about cost, reliability, and necessity. We called him when we were on the west coast and needed to see specialist for possible root canal. He phoned back within minutes with name and address and phoned the specialist to ask for emergency appointment. His staff know you by name and provide a welcoming family atmosphere. They bend over backwards to help with insurance, billing and appointments when you want them. The hygienist is excellent. We recommend Dr. Sendroff without reservation. Tom and Roses Graham"
"I have been a patient of Dr. Sendroff since 1973. In all of this time, I have been very satisfied with the treatment he has given me. Almost all of the reconstructive work he has carried out has lasted over 30 years. Even when I have resisted, he has insisted I take effective medication to decrease pain. Most important of all to me, he has always been available whenever I have had a dental emergency, and when he believes a required treatment is beyond the limits of his practice, he has referred me to outstanding specialists who have carried out the required procedure with ease. His staff is outstanding, especially his hygienist. They are always careful to check that I have taken my premedication before carrying out any required work. They are very efficient in scheduling appointments, and in revising them, it it is necessary. Robert M. Friedman, MD"
"A Big City Dentist with a Small Town Feel. Dr Joel Sendroff and his staff provide what many of us from smaller towns are looking for; caring, personal and attentive service, but with all of the modern dentistry techniques and equipment available in a large metropolitan area. I have been Dr. Sendroff's patient for approximately three years, and I feel like he has been my family dentist for life. For many, visiting the dentist is an unwelcome and even dreaded necessity. However, visiting Joel's office is as pleasurable experience as one could ever hope for in medical care. It is evident that Dr. Sendroff cares deeply about his patient's well being, and that fact is continually reinforced throughout each visit. If he isn't completely satisfied with the work he has done, whether it be cosmetic or otherwise, he will always take the time to make things perfect. I'm never uncomfortable when getting my dental work done, as his professionalism and experience is only matched by his warm and calming demeanor. Dr. Sendroff, his wife Paula who works in reception, and his entire staff of dental technicians, are among the very best and most enjoyable medical professionals I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Highly Recommended!!!"
"Dr. Sendroff has been my dentist for more than 20 years and he is the best dentist I ever had. I'm now 52; as a child I had many cavities, and for the past 15 years my old fillings have been wearing out, requiring replacement fillings, some crowns and the occasional root canal. Here is what I most like about Dr. Sendroff and his office: 1) He explains everything he is going to do and why, and always answers all my questions so I understand exactly what's happening. Sometimes there are two viable treatment options, and Dr. Sendroff gives me the information we need to decide. 2) I am very sensitive to pain, and Dr. Sendroff is unsurpassed in my experience at keeping the pain to a minimum. 3) Even though he always gives me all the time I need (and I'm sure he treats all his patients like this!) he is somehow almost always on time. 4) His office assistants submit the charges for me to the insurance company - a huge plus! 5) He is available on the weekends for emergencies. 6) His treatments are almost always successful.  My wife now also goes to Dr. Sendroff, and is very happy there. After our 8 year old son's pediatric dentist failed us on the weekends, we switched him to Dr. Sendroff as well - we should have done this long ago. J.Nash"
"Our family has been patients of Dr. Sendroff for perhaps 30 years. The staff are particularly pleasant and friendly, treatments are professional and effective. For health care I have never experienced a better group. One example that stands out in my mind occurred when my son was accidentally butted in the mouth by an opponent during a high school soccer match. One of his front teeth was "hanging by a thread." The accident occurred on a Friday night but Dr. Sendroff was called at home and met my son in his office. He saved the tooth and my son, some 20 years later, still has the tooth to go along with a bright smile. Over the years Dr. Sendroff and his staff have become friends in many ways. Ask for Lori when you need a cleaning and never leave without the obligatory flower."
"My husband and I live all the way out in the boondocks (Frederick, to be specific), but we continue to travel to Connecticut Ave in Washington DC to receive treatments from Dr. Sendroff. My husband refuses to receive treatment elsewhere, as he has been Dr. Sendroff's patient for 31 years. I reluctantly agreed to the first visit 3 years ago, and never looked back since!

Billing is a breeze, their chair-side manners are absolutely top-notch and their front desk service is the best anywhere. Since we are deaf, Paula makes special effort to reach us by using e-mails instead of phoning. No other doctor or dentist has ever done that for us. There's no question they'll see 3rd generation of patients once we have children of our own."
"I am the sort of dental patient who is traumatized by the thought of a cleaning, never mind anything more elaborate, and there are very few practices where I would feel truly comfortable. With Joel Sendroff, I am (almost) completely at ease. He has a low key manner that helps minimize my stress and he is thorough and meticulous in his work. Beyond being merely accommodating when emergencies arise, he is personally concerned and more than once has called me at home after a procedure to check on me. The bonus in the practice is the office staff: Paula and Brenda are so warm, so charming that I often spend more time chatting with them than I do in the dentist's chair. The whole tone of the practice is summed up by their habit of giving each departing patient a fresh flower. What's not to love?"
"Dr Sendroff has been my dentist for 11 years, and my husband's for over 20 years. I have had no shortage of dental problems, and Dr. Sendroff's expertise and caring approach has made a big difference for me. He is a very soft-spoken person, very gentle; what is so impressive is that he combines this with technical skill and superb judgment that is based on decades of experience. He will call us at home in case one of us has any major procedure to check how we are doing. He also has made us comfortable about reaching him after office hours if a problem arises, which we did on more than one occasion.

We recently turned to Dr Sendroff to be the dentist for our 8-year old son. This is a relief because it means we will be able to count on Dr. Sendroff in emergency situations - something that turned out to be a major problem with our son's former (pediatric) dentist.

His practice is very well organized and welcoming, and very helpful with insurance. Appointments are on time, and the rare delays are very short."
"My family has been going to Dr. Sendroff since my husband moved to Washington in the late 70's. In fact, we've never been to any other dentist in the area. That's saying a lot since we lived for a long time in McLean and it wasn't exactly convenient. Now our grown up children go to Dr. Joel and some of our friends do too. Going to his office is like visiting relatives or friends who happen to know a lot about taking care of teeth! We love the entire staff, Paula, Brenda and Laurie."
"Dr. Sendroff is the BEST. Having spent way too many hours in a dentist chair as a child, and as an adult -- I was relieved to have been referred to Dr. Sendroff 24 years ago by my boyfriend at the time, now my husband.

We both have received excellent care by Dr. Sendroff. I have had numerous crowns put in place by Dr. Sendroff and I'm always being told what a beautiful smile I have.

Our neighbors in England say I look like a movie star, not because of my face, but because I have such beautiful teeth -- all thanks to Dr. Sendroff! I would highly recommend Dr. Sendroff -- I can't imagine going to any other dentist."
"Dr. Sendroff is unquestionably the finest dentist I have met. He is skilled and conscientious, and his character and integrity are outstanding. Gentle always, thoughtful and truly a loving people person. A visit always leaves me with more than healthier teeth. He treats and "treats" the whole person. I was a contented patient for eight years before moving abroad for nine. One of the greatest pleasures of returning to Washington was a chance to reconnect with Dr. Sendroff and his excellent, personable team. As others have written, treatment follow-up phone calls are standard practice, and emergencies are attended to without hesitation. The quality of care is first-rate. You can relax, trusting you will get the best. I recommend him to anyone I can."
"I and my family have been loyal patients of Dr. Sendroff for almost 20 years. I continue to see him even though he is not part of my dental plan network--the additional out-of-pocket cost is well worth it to get such high quality, personalized care! The staff are so good with children that when my kids were little they loved going to the dentist so much they did not want me to accompany them to spoil their fun! Dr. Sendroff even once gave my daughter a novocaine injection when she was six without her knowing she just had a shot in her gum! I myself have had extensive crown and other work, and have always felt myself to be in the most competent hands. Dr. Sendroff caters to my vanity and idiosyncratic preferences, e.g., he makes the entire front of my crowns with porcelain to avoid the possibility of unsightly exposure of metal rims by future gum recession. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation!"
"What a wonderful, family-style dental practice! From the minute you walk in the door, you are treated to a warm welcome and immediately made to feel at ease. The staff knows each patient, and recalls key details of prior visits so that one truly feels well cared for. Excellent, excellent knowledge of dentistry, and excellent follow-up as well. Although Dr. Sendroff does not specialize in pediatric dentistry, for years we've brought both of our children to see him, with great success. Check out the picture wall of child visitors -- a true testament to how kind all of Dr. Sendroff's staff is! I have frequently recommended Dr. Sendroff to friends and colleagues seeking an excellent dental practitioner and will continue to do so."
"Dr. Sendroff is a wonderful dentist. He's highly skilled and takes sufficient time to do a procedure properly. Following an appointment, he will often phone you to check to see if you are feeling any pain and whether the procedure was performed successfully. He has an excellent chair-side manner, always making his patients feel comfortable. He also takes the trouble to explain what he is doing and why, which also acts to allay patient anxiety. His secretary is more than accommodating to find appointment dates and times that are convenient. Dr. Sendroff also has an excellent hygienist who does a thorough and careful cleaning."
"Dr. Joel Sendroff is a rare find in the medical profession. He is both competent and caring. He, along with his staff, create a wonderful atmosphere. I am at ease from the moment I walk into his office and have complete confidence in his ability. I have needed several procedures over the years including filling replacements and a crown and Dr. Sendroff always makes sure that I understand exactly what is happening and that I am comfortable at all times. Thanks to Dr. Sendroff I have excellent oral health and my husband says my smile lights up a room.
Now Dr. Sendroff is taking care of the next generation in our family. My 3 year old son gets so excited to see Dr. Joel and to sit in the chair. He has showed no hesitation because Dr. Sendroff creates such a safe and fun place for him. I'm so excited to see my son start a lifetime of healthy oral habits thanks to Dr. Sendroff. I highly recommend Dr. Joel Sendroff."
"I've been a patient of Dr. Sendroff's for over 20 years. He has the unusual combination of two traits that often don't exist together in the medical profession - skill and a wonderful personality. Dr. Sendroff is exceedingly careful and thoughtful in both his work and with his relationships with his patients. I have complete trust in his judgment and always appreciate how thoroughly he explains the options I may have in any treatment I need. Dr. Sendroff is also very available in the case of a dental emergency. When my son recently broke off part of his front tooth in an accident, we couldn't have asked for more thorough or better care for him than what he received from Dr. Sendroff. Not many people can say that they look forward to going to their dentist. I am proud to say I can."

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